Traditional Villas For Rent - PAPIGO VILLAS
Arriving at Papigo you will be greeted by its "Towers" and a row of small and larger houses.

In the family of old stone houses, to the left of village entrance, have been incorporated our three contemporary two-storey houses.

Our Papigo Villas. So that our guests can forget the city, enjoy the replenishing calm and clarity of the environment and communicate with it, we followed the traditional architectural principles.

Following the gradient of the land for structural soundness Following, the path of the sun for light and warmth, and orientating the openings towards the village and the ‘Towers’ for the most striking views.

The facades, the yard and the access points have been designed respecting the principles of conservation, so that this new cluster is inscribed harmoniously into the old fabric.

The decoration is drawn from the local vernacular, abstracting colours and forms to create an ambience that is at once authentic and relaxing.

The whole scheme was executed by local craftsmen, who have worked expertly with traditional materials so that our guest can travel in time.

taking back home with them a wealth of wonderful memories.

Colors and shapes, create a traditional and cozy ambience, ideal for physical and mental relaxation.

Papigo Villas, three autonomous traditional two storey houses, with view to the village and the famous Papigo Towers are waiting for you! Ideal for guests who want to experience a zagori house and enjoy homely warmth during their vacations!

For guests not willing to give up their homely luxuries we offer:

  • Fireplace
  • Wi-Fi free of charge
  • TV sets HD 32“ and 28” with USB media player
  • Coco-mat pillows and mattresses
  • Guy Laroche linen
  • O-Live bathroom amenities, hair drier and hair styler
  • Dolce Gusto coffee maker including a variety of beverages
  • Private patio with grand view for the sunny days

The kitchen space is equipped with full size refrigerator and freezer, electrical stove, microwave, kettler, toaster, grill, froather, mixer.

Breakfast provisions are included. Breakfast can be prepared and served on demand with extra charge. Washing machine, dryer and ironing also available on extra charge.