The Vikos - Aoos Geopark Center at Papigo

Papigo Ioanninon
The new Information Center for the Vikos- Aoos Geopark has opened at Megalo Papigo.

The geopark joined the European Geopark Network at 2010.

It includes the NW part of the Pindos mountain range and is characterized by the rough and impressive landscape of the Pindos mountains. Smolikas (2637m.), the second highest mountain in Greece and Tymfi, the impressive and famous gorge of Vikos and Aoos are included in the boundaries of the Geopark.

The area includes several traditional villages and monuments dating from the 14th century, among them monasteries, schools, churches, and stone bridges.

The geopark Vikos - Aoos is one of the most impressive areas of Greece with regard to the aesthetic value of the landscape and the range of geodynamic processes affecting it.

All these processes have formed a large number geotopes amidst the beautiful landscape of Pindos with great scientific, research and aesthetic value. The presence of water is everywhere evident, resulting in the development of major rivers, streams and aquifers. Especially the mountains of Tymfi include a large number of steep cliffs, canyons, glacial lakes, springs and rivers with crystal waters.

Evergreen vegetation consisting mainly of oaks, holm oaks and deciduous oaks are found in low altitudes, with conifers black pine and fir as dominant. The ridges instead are characterized by alpine meadows and Balkan pine.

This extraordinary landscape is also characterized by a high endemism of flora and fauna. More than 2,000 species grown in the area, some of which are very rare or endemic and also over 300 species of vertebrates. Among them, the bear, the wolf, the otter, the golden eagle and the alpine newt are protected by European legislation.


Papigo Embellishing Association (October 2015)

Papigo Ioanninon
The Papigo Embellishing Association, as part of environmental information - awareness of walkers, placed 22 signs indicative of the kind of trees that one encounters between Large and Small Papigo. Now the short walk between the two villages became Educational !!!

Photo Source: Papigo Embellishing Association

The Greek mountains are ideal for year-round activities for all tastes. See the video shot in our area (starring some of Papigo villagers!!)


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