Traditional Villas For Rent - PAPIGO VILLAS
The traditional Papigo Villas at Megalo Papigo Ioanninon are the ideal destination for those who are looking for excellent service and relaxation.

The land the complex is built upon is at the entrance of the Megalo Papigo village, near the municipal parking, facing cobblestone streets of the village from two sides.

The complex consists of two buildings, three two-storey residences, overlooking the village and the impressive Papigo Towers.

Our three brand new traditional villas (Lilium, Silenus & Ramonda) rise in a unique alpine landscape. They combine modern comfort and tradition, "welcoming" our guests in a warm and hospitable environment.
The rented traditional Papigo Villas are fully furnished and equipped and add a total of eight (8) rooms including the living rooms. The maximum number of people that can be accommodated in the complex can reach up to twenty-one (21) people using the extra sofa and armchairs that convert into beds.

Wood and stone meet to create a bygone era setting.

We are constantly at your service to meet your needs and to make your stay the best possible, and create lifelong memories!

During your stay in our traditional Papigo Villas apart form enjoying the homely warm ambience you can get active with various activities in the heart of the unique nature of Epirus.

Contact us today to make your reservation and it is guaranteed that you will enjoy days full of tranquility, rest and relaxation! We operate throughout the year.


Megalo Papigo offers a variety of activities that combine relaxation and fun, like rafting & kayak at Voidomatis river, trekking, riding, mountain bile, climbing, rock climbing etc.